Our 6 stage process - a logical path for success

Every client and project is unique. Therefore, each project is a shared voyage of discovery. We learn about you, and you grow to know us and trust our capabilities. Investing time to create a parallel vision is paramount to a successful project, large or small.

Creating conceptual and high design driven imagery requires scrutinizing all aspects of a project, often the unpredictable ones. Together we’ll analyze your project from a global perspective down to the foundational details. We will collaborate to uncover the angles of your competition, and assist you in quantifying the needs and wants of your customers. This is the time that we gather data, plan sets, reference and materials, lock down budgets, timelines and estimates, and prep for the great things coming next.

The experience of good design gives life a flowing pleasure. We strive for a simple, yet functional delight in all aspects of our image and brand creations. Verdeo seeks the appropriate design solution for each client. We avoid templature and a “one size fits all” mentality. Our best ideas come to the forefront with customized and orchestrated design in all aspects of visual and media production. You’re looking for the best result. So are we.

The building stage harnesses the power of new technologies and timeless design sensibility. Our goal is always keeping the unique story of your project in the forefront of our work. We use the latest technologies and time tested methods to ensure a top tier visual design experience.

Our final deliverables are unequivocally flexible and robust in order to meet the rigors of multiple format and end use distribution. We inject our projects with intrinsic scalability, equipping our clients with the proper deliverables to meet the demands of multiple use.

Consider Verdeo as a partner in the success of your project. Thorough follow ups are critical to asses the impact of each project so that it can be fine tuned, extended, and polished. Your project has a life beyond final delivery. We’ll be there to help you get to what’s next.