For the Win

I don’t often enter contests. But when you get a chance to surf Kelly Slaters perfect artificial wave and hang out with Gerry Lopez…well you make the effort. Here is my video entry into the 2020 Surfline Cuervo Challenge. A bit mystical and over the top perhaps but time is a wastin’! Edit and music by B.O.

Locked down but not out

Having a nostalgic skate amongst the shadows of the covid time.

5 new logos

Spring is in the air and it’s time for fresh design!

Internet in the air

Client - ThinKom, animation, music score and video production - verdeo

Feeling ever so Koyaanisqatsi...

The Brand Identity Work of Buster O'Connor

Our Simple Answers to Complex Questions Series

We need simple answers to complex questions…Here is one! :-) A short animation we did for fun. Because sometimes that’s the name of the game.

Jack Nichelson - A great artist and teacher

Our great design teacher Jack Nichelson has passed on…Travel well Jack